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For many of us, it feels like each day brings more bad news about the economy. Whether it’s interest rates, pensions or the cost of living, the financial burden of living in 2022 seems unavoidable. If you are looking for areas to cut costs, we have put together some money-saving tips to allow you to look after your hearing and your hearing devices without breaking the bank.

Maintain your hearing aids:

Device maintenance is crucial to the lifespan of your hearing aids. You should visually check your devices for build-up of wax debris, and remove gently with a tissue or a brush. If you suspect the volume in your hearing devices may have dropped, change the filters in your devices as soon as possible. Even if you don’t notice a change in volume, it is recommended that you change the filters every 8 weeks for in Receiver-In-Canal (RIC/on top of your ear) devices, and every 4 weeks on custom In-the-Ear (ITE) devices.

Minimise device damage:

Most hearing aids are water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. Therefore, you should remove your devices before you shower, swim or visit a sauna. It’s also important to remove your hearing aids before you get an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan, as this technology can interfere with your devices. To prolong the life of your hearing aids, avoid contact with makeup, suncream or hairspray.

Keep an eye on ear wax:

Ear wax is the biggest killer of hearing aids! As well as regularly cleaning your devices, you should book in with your audiologist for regular ear health assessments, where you will be able to receive microsuction if necessary. This will help your devices to live longer, as well as improving your overall ear health.


Once you have your hearing aids, it is important to keep them in the best condition possible. Book in with your audiologist every 6 months for a deep clean of your devices, firmware updates and a hearing check, to ensure that you are staying on top of your device health and your ear health. This will keep everything working as it should, saving you money in the long run.

Hearing devices generally work at their best for between 4-6 years. If Digi Clear’s existing clients find they need to upgrade their hearing aids, we’ll leverage our independence to put together the best package we can to make suitable hearing technology affordable and accessible. To find out more, book a consultation today.