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When you are at a loud event, like a concert, the high volume is often part of the thrill and fun that you are there for. Contrary to popular belief, you can protect your ears at an event like this whilst also enjoying the sound fully. Read on for 5 things you should do to protect your ears at a concert, or any loud event, so you can enjoy without potentially damaging your hearing.

1. Use hearing protection

Many forms of hearing protection allow you to protect your ears whilst also enjoying the sounds around you. At loud events, the sound is often so loud that you can wear earplugs and still enjoy it and experience it comfortably whilst wearing them. You should also consider wearing musician’s earplugs which are designed to protect your ears whilst listening to music. For more hearing protection tips, take a look at our recent blog.

2. Find the right place to sit or stand

Concerts and other loud events always have 1 thing in common: loud, powerful speakers. When choosing where to sit or stand, consider how close you are to the speakers. The front rows are tempting but they are often the worst place to be once the music starts.

3. Check the sound levels

Once you’ve found a place to sit or stand, check the sound levels once the event has started. Apps like Sound Meter are easy to download and make it simple to find out how loud the sound in the area is. If it’s over 90db, you should move to a quieter area further away from the speakers or stage.

4. Take regular breaks

If you’re at a concert or loud event, it’s important to give your ears a break from the noise, even if it’s just for a short time. This is especially true if you aren’t wearing ear protection, as even a short break can give your ears time to rest and prevent long-term damage.

5. If you’re bringing your children, sit somewhere quieter

When attending a loud event with your children, you mustn’t expose them to sounds over 90db. Children’s ears are fragile and more susceptible to long-term damage than those of an adult. If you are bringing them to a concert or other loud event, make sure to sit in an area where the volume levels are lower. It’s also wise to bring ear protection for them as well.