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Signia Hearing Aids

Hearing loss should never get in the way of your life, and at The Hearing Care Centre we understand this completely.

To help you get back to enjoying the little things in life again, we only partner with hearing aid suppliers that we trust share the same vision and quality as us! Signia, a pioneer in hearing technology, had produced many ‘world firsts’ through the last 140 years – making them a reliable brand in audio innovation

Signia has said goodbye to the ugly colours, fiddly batteries and hearing stigmas by providing stylish and rechargeable products so that anyone can ‘Be Brilliant’.

The Hearing Care Centre and Signia work on the sample principles: to help improve people’s lives with hearing impairments. We’re confident that their drive to innovate will enable us to offer only the best solutions. We’re proud to be partnered with them and provide their products.

Signia hearing aids

Enjoy the little things in life again. Book a consultation with The Hearing Care Centre, where our experts will help you to find the right devices for your needs.

Styletto AX

Without compromising on quality, the Styletto AX is an elegant and discreet device. Their Augmented Xperience provides fantastic speech clarity, alongside all the other features you’d need from your hearing aids.

You’ll never have to worry about changing batteries again, as their Qi Technology enables the devices to be easily charged, both at home and in the case for up to 17 hours of use per charge.

Finally, Styletto AX has Android & iPhone connectivity, Signia Assistant, and much more!

Signia Active

Signia Active Pro

Every person has different needs, and we completely understand. At The Hearing Care Centre, we aim to help everyone to get exactly what they need from their hearing devices. We really love the Signia Active Pro because of its design and quality.

The devices are based on ‘earbuds’, and they come with a range of sleeves so that they can fit comfortably into any ear. With their amazing sound quality (especially in acoustic situations), the added feature of Bluetooth connectivity means you can take phone calls and listen to music straight from your devices without any loss of hearing quality.

With their handy pocket-sized case, you’ll be able to take your hearing aids anywhere. Each charge can last up to 26 hours which is perfect for ultimate user flexibility.

Looking to find out more about Signia hearing aids?

Get your brand new Signia Active Pro devices today. To find out more, get in touch using our online booking form.

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How do I know if I need hearing aids?

Start by booking a consultation  with one of our audiologists. They will advise you on the best options to manage your concerns. Depending on the extent of your hearing loss, you may benefit from a hearing aid.

Can I try the hearing aids for I buy them?

Yes! After your consultation with one of our audiologists, you’ll be able to try Lyric hearing aids, and any other type of hearing aid, free of charge for 14-days. You’ll receive thorough support to test your new hearing aids and also a questionnaire to help your audiologist see how you got on.

After 14-days, depending on how you got on, your hearing aids can be modified to better suit your needs. Your audiologist may even decide you would benefit from a different aid or treatment.

Hearing aid brands that we offer: