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If hearing loss is left unaddressed, it can impact your quality of life and cause you to miss out on the special moments in life. Therefore, it is important to act on your hearing complications, so that they can be addressed by a hearing care specialist in the early stages of your journey. It’s important to not let the stigma around hearing loss and hearing aids prevent you from seeking help.

At The Hearing Care Centre, we aim to break the stigma that sadly still exists around hearing aids, so that you feel confident in embracing your hearing device. These tiny little devices are helping millions of people around the world to enjoy their lives again. Whether that’s taking part in conversations, listening to your favourite songs, or enjoying a peaceful walk – hearing aids and the joy they reinstate should be celebrated more.

Adjusting to wearing hearing aids

For many people, hearing loss is a sensitive topic and can be hard to accept in its early stages. Our audiologists take pride in taking the time to explain procedures and technology to our clients, and answer any questions. We will help identify any hearing requirements you have, in order to find the perfect hearing aid device for your lifestyle.

It can be a little difficult getting used to wearing a hearing device, however your audiologist will help you to manage this, so that wearing devices feels ‘normal’ in no time. The more you wear the device, the more natural it will feel. Our team will help you to adapt the settings on your hearing devices to better suit your needs, helping to boost your confidence wearing the devices so you can focus on what matters most, hearing life again.


We often hold free hearing events to help you get a better understanding of hearing loss and hearing aids.

Demo Week

By attending one of our demo weeks you’ll have the opportunity to trial our hearing devices, so you can be confident your chosen device works best for you. These are a great opportunity to find out more about the different styles and features of hearing aids. Please call reception to enquire about our next demo week.

Hearing Care Academy

Our Hearing Care Academy events are free to attend and designed to offer the practical and education information you need to better understand hearing loss. Whether you’re experiencing hearing problems yourself, or need guidance in supporting a family member, our events offer the comfort and advice you need. Find out more about these events here.


Hearing devices now come in various shapes, sizes, colour-ways, and styles. Book an appointment to discover the range, or read on for more information.

Colour options: The colour of your hearing aids could be that one feature that’ll amplify your confidence when wearing them. Whether you’d prefer something more discreet, or a bright pop of colour – most modern hearing devices come in multiple colours. There’s plenty of choice for every style.

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX

The Signia Pure Charge&Go IX is a great choice for anyone who wants something slightly more subtle,available in a wide variety of neutral colours.

Widex Moment

This hearing aid is great for anyone who wants to add a pop of colour to their everyday look,  coming in a variety of colour options such as bright blue, pink, or red. The Widex Moment hearing devices enhance natural sound in order to give you a high-quality hearing experience.

Features: Hearing aid technology has changed massively over the years, with modern hearing aids offering features such as artificial intelligence (AI), bluetooth connections, mobile apps, directional hearing adjustments, built-in sound therapy, and much more. These can hugely improve the experience you receive from your hearing devices and allow you to feel much more confident when wearing them too.

ReSound Nexia

The Nexia hearing aid by ReSound features Aurocast bluetooth technology, a first in the hearing care industry. Auracast Bluetooth is a newly introduced technology, allowing you to connect to public places, such as theatres or airport speakers! Allowing for wider hearing opportunities anywhere you go.

Customisation: Many hearing aids are now able to connect to mobile apps on your smartphone, where you can fully customise the devices’ features. The apps vary across different hearing aid manufacturers, but the majority of them allow you to discreetly adjust your hearing preferences, adjust the volume and stream audio.

Signia App

The Signia app has some great customisation features to give you full control over your hearing device. The built in Signia assistant allows you to tailor your preferences to achieve clear sound from your hearing device, while also providing you with 24/7 intuitive support. The app also features a remote control to control the volume of your device, 360°directional hearing adjustments, and can even measure how many steps you take each day through the devices’ built-in motion sensor. Check out the Signia app here.

At The Hearing Care Centre, we offer a wide variety of hearing aids from several manufacturers, including: Signia, Audible, Resound, Vista, Audio Service and Widex. Our Director, Oliver, is one of the UK’s few Phonak Lyric fitters which is a great invisible hearing aid option. Oliver is also a chairman for the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP) enabling him to further expand his knowledge on hearing care and help keep our team updated with the latest news and innovations.

Your journey with hearing aids may not always be easy for the start, but it’s something you should embrace every step of the way. These tiny devices are helping you enjoy the special moments in life and are nothing to be embarrassed about, despite what you may be telling yourself! With so many different styles and amazing features to fully customise your experience, there is so much to look forward to when getting a hearing aid device.

If you have noticed a change in your hearing, please don’t suffer in silence. Let our family care for your family. Book a consultation with our friendly audiologist who are here to help you every step of the way.