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We always strive to deliver the highest levels of service and aftercare, which we believe all our clients deserve. ‘Excellent care’ is more than just a slogan; it is a sincere company ethos that permeates every aspect of our operations. We are passionate about helping you improve your hearing and thereby your quality of life. And this doesn’t stop at the purchase of hearing aids.

To help you get the best out of today’s sophisticated hearing devices requires fine tuning and adjustments, follow ups and programming tweaks, as your brain gets used to hearing new sounds. Time and support for your full hearing rehabilitation is built into our service package, along with standard warranties and any maintenance or repairs your devices may need over the years.

Audiologists - The Hearing Care Centre

Our Service & Aftercare Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation and hearing assessment (90 minutes) in sound-treated booths. Includes middle ear and speech-in-noise testing.
  • Fitting of hearing aids, plus speech mapping and ‘sound studio’ experience where appropriate (60 mins).
  • Up to six follow-up sessions (30 min each) to assess progress, aural rehabilitation and finetuning. Average 120 minutes in total.
  • Six-monthly recalls (30 mins) for full clean and check of your hearing aids, plus finetuning and retesting as necessary. Ongoing for the duration of your warranty.
  • Annual re-assessment of your hearing (45 mins).
  • Fulltime trained staff available, without appointment, to carry out minor repairs onsite and also qualified to examine your ears.
  • Loan hearing aid service if your instruments need to be sent away for repair.
  • Inhouse microsuction service for ongoing wax problems.
  • Tinnitus clinic.
  • Home visits for the housebound.