Price Guide

At The Hearing Care Centre, we pride ourselves on treating each client like family, providing the best care and advice for your individual needs. If you’re experiencing hearing problems, don’t suffer in silence, book your first consultation today. Take a look at our full price guide below, including our initial hearing consultations, tinnitus treatment and hearing aid packages.

The Hearing Care Centre Price Guide

Hearing Consultations

Hearing Assessment
• Full ear health history check and a full range of audiometric tests including speech in noise testing. Thorough explanation of your results and care options.
+ Add on Microsuction (earwax removal) for £45.
Yearly Review
• Hearing reassessment, reprogramming, and servicing of your devices.
+ Add on Microsuction (earwax removal) for £45.
Six Month Review
• Servicing of your device and preventative microsuction, if required.
Hearing Screening
• 15 minute appointment.
Otoscopy to check your ear health. Hearing screening. Referral to GP/ENT if required.

Devices Purchased Elsewhere

(Subject to establishing the current devices are adequate for your needs. Devices must be privately fitted and under five years old.)

Reprogram and Rehabilitation Plan
• Following our 90-minute hearing assessment, we will reprogramme your existing devices, using different prescription methods to ensure the ultimate initial fit. We will then see you during a 60 day adaptation period to tweak and fine-tune these settings to ensure the best possible results.
Repair Service
• We can supply manufacturer repairs by estimate with this additional handling fee.

Ear Health Consultations and Earwax Removal

Ear Health Check
• Otoscopy and tympanometry testing to check your ear health.
Wax removal by microsuction or irrigation.
Hearing Screening.
Referral to GP/ENT if required.


Tinnitus Assessment & Management
• A 90-minute consultation and assessment to understand your hearing and tinnitus.
• Your audiologist will identify strategies to help you minimise the effects of your tinnitus.
+ Add on Microsuction (earwax removal) for £45.

All fittings are on a 60-day money-back trial basis, to ensure the best possible match to your needs. Prices include the initial fitting appointment, two-weekly follow-up appointments during the initial 60-day trial and any further appointments during the first six months of adapting to your new hearing technology. These appointments are valued at a total of £680!