Hearing Tests & Assessments

When a hearing difficulty is experienced, we would always recommend a full hearing assessment by one of our qualified and experienced audiologists. However, we also offer FREE hearing checks at both our main Colchester centre and our outclinics. These are short screenings lasting about 15 minutes, where several key frequencies are tested, along with an ear examination. During quieter periods, these can be available on a walk-in basis at our main centre.

Alternatively, try our online check here . The online Speech-in-Noise hearing test will only take a few minutes and will indicate how clearly you can hear in different levels of background noise (you will require headphones). The link opens up a new tab for the Hear-it website. Once you have completed the test, close the tab to return to our website.

Full Hearing Assessment

We also conduct full diagnostic hearing assessments using latest state-of-the-art technology. These usually last around 90 minutes, with plenty of time to confidentially discuss how communication difficulties are affecting your lifestyle, along with details of any relevant medical history. Procedures include ear examinations and video-otoscopy (a tiny camera that goes inside the ear) along with puretone testing, QuickSIN speech-in-noise testing and tympanometry (the measurement of middle ear function) if required.

The results are plotted by computer to create an audiogram – your own unique hearing pattern. We will explain this and other results thoroughly. If hearing instruments are recommended, we can tailor a prescription to suit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. We will present you with all the options available, to enable you to choose the best solution for your hearing needs – which may or may not include hearing aids.

Hearing Loss Table

Hearing loss affects not only your life, but also those closest to you, so we welcome their involvement in your consultations and treatment. We encourage you to bring along your partner, family member, friend or other close companion to your first assessment.

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When I was looking at quotes from other private hearing aids providers, I just felt like a number. But here, everyone takes the time to get to know you, your needs and your lifestyle. There is a high level of empathy.

– Angela Carpenter, 

Your professional approach puts us at ease, you know what you are doing and are very good at it. Both my wife and I will continue to recommend you.

– John and Pat Ashley, Sudbury

My hearing has improved significantly, along with my quality of life. I can now smile and laugh and even form my words better. My face is more relaxed and so am I.

– Bill Teatheredge