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Optimise Your Hearing Aids With Our Expert Services

Do you have a hearing aid from another supplier but still struggle to hear as well as you would like? Our audiologists are here to help!

At The Hearing Care Centre, we specialise in getting the most out of hearing technology. Our audiologists are highly trained to optimise technology to your own individual needs and we take the time to get it right. If you would like us to see if your current hearing devices could be made better, book a Hearing Aid Optimisation appointment with us below.

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Included in our Hearing Aid Optimisation Service:

Ear Health Check
Full Hearing Health History Exam
Ear wax removal if needed
Full in-house service of your devices
Full Hearing Assessment
Reprogramme of settings
In-clinic sound tests to evaluate and fine tune

Please note – Hearing aids must be privately owned, not NHS supplied. Parts and repairs needed at the manufacturer will attract additional cost and will be estimated prior to being carried out. 

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