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In this edition of ‘How to maintain your Ear Health’ articles, we’re focusing on the build-up of earwax and the best practices to take care of your ears. We will discuss how earwax can become a nuisance and the services The Hearing Care Centre provide to help you receive the most out of your hearing care.

When does earwax become a worry?

If you have noticed a change in your ear health, such as the irritations listed above, it’s time to speak to an expert. Our audiologists are fully trained and accredited at providing earwax removal services. From as little as £80, we’ll provide a full consultation and carry out microsuction to remove excess wax. Microsuction is a safe, easy, and pain-free way of removing wax from your ear.

What is microsuction?

Microsuction is a safe and pain-free way of removing excessive ear wax. A binocular microscope is used to show a detailed view of your ear canal and any ear wax build-up present. With such a clear view, we then use a gentle suction pump to safely and efficiently extract the wax.

Hard or impacted wax can cause the ear canal to become sensitive often creating pain and other problems. Microsuction is very effective at comfortably removing this, as it has no contact with the ear canal or eardrum.

Compared to other forms of ear wax removal, such as syringing, microsuction has a minimal risk of further complications.

Why is microsuction the best option?

There are many benefits of making microsuction a regular part of your ear health plan. This can be discussed with one of our professionals by calling 01206 760839.

You are not required to carry out any preparation before visiting us. In some cases, you may be advised to use ear drops before the removal, however, it is not always necessary. Furthermore, microsuction is a dry procedure that helps reduce the risk of infection.

Finally, our procedures are safe for existing perforations, previous infections or ear blockages. A thorough ear examination can be carried out to check for any perforations or middle ear infections, and the ear can be treated appropriately.

Whether you make microsuction a one-off booking or a regular occurrence, our team are always on hand to talk your worries through and provide the best options for you. Get in touch by calling us on 01206 760839 or emailing us at