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In a recent article, and after an update to the latest research, BIHIMA (the British and Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association) are calling for annual hearing tests to be made mandatory from the age of 55.

When speaking to the BIHIMA Chairman, Paul Surridge commented that:

“Many people don’t realise the effect that hearing loss can have on their lives and may be living with hearing loss and its comorbidities for several years before it is recognised. Systemic change is required whereby we see it as part of our routine healthcare to go for an annual hearing test. This is especially important in the older population who are more likely to develop hearing loss and suffer from its comorbidities.”

The latest industry research shows that moving to mandatory hearing tests could be very impactful as the prevalence of hearing loss in the general population more than doubles between the ages of 49 and 59.

A quick and simple hearing test can pick up hearing loss at an early stage, allowing it to be treated and monitored effectively. Regular hearing tests can then be used to assess any further deterioration and help your audiologist adapt your hearing devices or treatment as appropriate.

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