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Going to a restaurant when you struggle with hearing loss can be a daunting prospect. Restaurants are often very busy and loud environments that can make hearing someone across from you a nightmare. Because of this, a lot of hearing loss sufferers avoid restaurants entirely.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though! With a bit of planning and a few of the simple tricks we’ve listed below, you can start enjoying visiting new restaurants and continuing to have great experiences.

1. Do your research

Whilst it can be difficult to find quiet spots to eat, they do exist. Take a look at some reviews online, especially on sights like TripAdvisor. Many feature a sound or loudness rating so you can get an idea before you visit.

You can also give restaurants a call and see if they have an area that might be quieter or more private.

2. Book at a quieter time

This might seem obvious but it’s often something that people forget they can do. Many restaurants will have busy and quiet periods of service. When booking, give them a call and ask what their quietest time of the evening is.

Booking at this time will make it much easier to have a conversation and lead to less anxiety and stress on the part of the hearing loss sufferer.

3. Request a quiet table

Many restaurants will have quieter areas or tables. This could include booths, tables tucked away in the corner or something similar.

An advantage of a booth is that they often have a degree of soundproofing, providing a blissful oasis from the busy environmental sounds around you.

4. Always use your hearing aids

As well as wearing your hearing aids at a restaurant, it’s important to use them to their full extent. Many hearing aids come with technological features that make it easier when in a busy environment.

If you’re not sure of your hearing aids functionality in this area, get in touch with us. Ensuring that your hearing aids are properly calibrated is key, but we might be able to introduce you to some features of your devices that may help!

Quick tips for enjoying restaurants when you suffer from hearing loss
  • Do your research before booking
  • Book at a quieter time, when possible
  • Request a quiet table when booking, let the manager know about your needs
  • Use your hearing aids to their full extent